Next stop, Steam!

This is probably one of the most exciting and scary things I’ve done so far, due to the change of rules and policies. I am talking about Steam Direct of course.

Because Steam had to give up on Green Light and made Steam Direct happen, launching your indie game now on the most popular indie platform these days is a bit “harder”, yet understandably easy as well. Before uploading and launching your indie games on Steam, they have to run a background check, and you have to provide some serious personal information like bank accounts, tax IDs and more, making the new process a bit of a nerve break.

I’ve applied to many jobs where they needed to run background checks and such to even give me an interview, and let me tell you all, I have never felt so nervous in all my life. Perhaps I felt like this after applying and sending my info to steam because this is what I consider to be my future career. It is my passion, therefore any step towards my goal is a scary one, because I care 110 percent.


Today, finally, after 4 days, I received an e-mail from Steam with great news! Now I can move forward and get El Pansas ready for release on Steam! So, I just wanted to share this amazing, life changing information with everyone!

Until next time!

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