El Pansas on Android

I recently discovered that indeed, it will be possible to export El Pansas to Android devices. So, with that discovery in hand, I am already working towards re-mapping the controls for touchscreens.

I won’t lie when saying that, it get’s me excited to think that I will see my indie game on mobile devices, even if it’s just on Android devices. Hopefully it will also be on iOS soon.

The public keeps asking if I am bringing this game to phones. I am now! Due to Apple’s hardcore permissions, certifications and their way of obtaining them, it will make bringing El Pansas to iOS a bit slower, but I am determined. For now, I will keep posting update pictures on my twitter’s site in case you guys are wondering how the export is coming along. https://twitter.com/nahualstudios

That’s all for now, until next time!


El Pansas Mac.zip 35 MB
Aug 27, 2018

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