Adding more!

Hello my fellow humans!

Decided to add more "flare" to some stages, specially the boss fight with Trumpudo.

I wanted to add some of the supporters with their well recognized "uniform" rooting for El Trumpudo himself and of course I wanted to keep things balanced to instead of adding Mexicans just shouting or mariachis playing in the background, I wanted to do something perhaps a bit more in detail and significant so I remembered reading a story on a gentleman in Scotland that protested one of Trump's gulf courses inaugurations by raising a Scottish and a Mexican flag in his backyard that could been seen from the gulf course.

The Scottish man along some of his neighbors were being offered money in order to leave their homes and move somewhere else since the houses were in the way of some of the construction going on for the gulf course and or they just wanted to houses gone because they were not part of the design around the course either, making the park look "bad".

The gentleman did not accept the money and did not like the offer nor the idea of being moved away just because his home did not make the gulf course look any better so I decided to give a shout-out to the Scottish gentleman by  adding two Scottish men with a flags and wearing nothing but kilts.

That's all for this piece of devlog, until nest time humans! Thank you for reading.


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